Parents Magazine - Sept. 2013

Naturalist cape backpack in the Sept. '13 issue of Parents Magazine

Scholastic Parent & Child

Best backpacks for kids

MetroKids Magazine

Super useful Superhero stuff!

People - Jun 2013

SuperME featured in a roundup of superhero products for kids on People's Moms and Babies

Austin Family - May 2013

Austin Family - Test Drives the SuperME Bubblicious Cape Backpack

Parent: "Its just the right size for preschool toys and snacks and looks really cute!"

Child: "I like to wear the mask and cape everywhere we go!"

Gift Shop Magazine - May 2013

SuperME featured in Gift Shop Magazine's Cool for School Gotta Haves.

The Mom Buzz - Mar. 2013
SuperME: Super Hero Inspired Backpacks and Lunch Bags

Is your kid SUPER? Do they love Marvel and DC characters? Do they like to dress up and save the day? I know my boys and my niece do! And that is why I am so excited about this line of super hero inspired back packs, lunch bags, and utility pouches from SUPERMEHERO.COM.

Red Tricycle - Mar. 2013

Backpack Meets Superhero Cape

Even Clark Kent had a secret stash to change into his super gear on the go. Now with SuperMe bags, your little superhero too will be ready for action 24/7. So put down the bath towels and torn up sheets, because superhero playtime just got a whole lot cooler.

Project Nursery - Feb. 2013

In the nursery with Daphne Kaufer

An interview with SuperME co-founder and designer Daphne about some of her design secrets and how her daughter's nursery came to be.

Apartment Therapy - Feb. 2013

SuperME: Superhero bags for kids

It's tough being a superhero when school cuts into your crime-fighting, and especially when the cafeteria is serving something totally gross. Luckily there are backpacks and lunch bags that are perfect for the superhero getting an education!

BabyCenter - Feb. 2013

SuperME! backpack for your little superhero

An innovative new line of backpacks and messenger bags that features both the fun of dress-up play and the functionality you need in a bag. The bags are machine washable (HOLLA!) and water resistant. We are in love.  Our first day at school with the bag, I had two little boys come up to me on the playground and say in a voice full of awe and – I WANT THAT – “Excuse me, what is THAT on your back?” Ahh, yes, I was holding the bag. Hey, mom’s can be pretty super too!


Kids love backpacks, it is a crazy truth. They love to be able to stash their treasures in a bag and haul everything around with them. And kids can never have too many backpacks. I loved this bag for it's bright colors, and durable neoprene fabric. But..... it is hiding some awesome secrets!!  A superhero eye mask!!! How awesome is that? The eye mask even has it's own special pocket on the backpack. Annnnnddddd.... dun dun dun!! A cape!!! How adorable is that?

A-List Moms - Dec 2012

Power Packs - SuperME Cape Backpacks | A-List Moms

This just in: Recent advances in superhero gadget technology have made it possible for every child to transform into a superhero at a moment’s notice.

MetroMoms Best and Hottest - Nov. 2012

MetroMoms names SuperME cape backpacks in their list of 2012 Top 100 Best and Hottest new items for pregrnancy through preschool.

Giggle Guide - Nov. 2012

SuperME Packs a Superhero Sandwich and More!

If there’s any trend that transcends time and gender, it’s this: kids like to pretend they’re a superhero. Now parents don’t have to safety pin a towel to their children’s shirts or allow them to wear their Halloween costumes throughout the year to make that dream come true. They can simply send a child off to school with a backpack or lunch bag with just the kind of super-secret transformative properties possessed by all the great superheroes. - Oct. 2012

5 Resources for Halloween Costumes and Party Planning

The thought of Halloween doesn’t have to induce terror.  If you’re looking for a super hero costume that will have longevity after October 31, SuperME cape backpacks are fun and fuctional.

Bay Area Parent - Sep. 2012

Too Cool for School 

New backpacks show off style in class and beyond.

The Denver Parent - Sep. 2012

Cute As Can Be

The backpack is perfect for the few items that preschoolers need. Plus, being SuperME helps those that are scared feel braver. A great toy for the kids and a very unique gift, especially to encourage creative and imaginative play!

East 9th Street - Sep. 2012

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's SuperME toddler backpack

If you have a little superhero in your life, then you’ll want to check out SuperME!  SuperME offers a fun line of toddler backpacks and messenger bags that do double duty by letting your little one transform at the blink of an eye into a superhero fully equipped with a cape!


Instantly Transforms Your Star Student Into a Bona Fide Superhero

The SuperME Cape Backpack is one of the most colorful and awe-inspiring backpacks I've ever seen!

Uncover the Hero Within Messenger Bag

There aren't many kids who don't like to play super heroes and you have to admit, there is just something about putting on a cape and mask that sparks some very creative imaginative play.  I really advocate imaginative play as it's a lost skill with the invention of so many toys that take away creative play.


South Jersey MOM Magazine November 2014

My Pillow Cape on South Jersey MOM's list of the 20 great gift ideas for the holidays season.

Parenting on the Peninsula - Aug. 2012

Raising Kids and Companies.  Meet Rena Stern and Daphne Kaufer of SuperMe.

Back To School Shopping Guide For All Ages

Rather than spending a boatload of money on all the things your kids want, invest in quality products that will last longer than a school year.  Top picks include items like SuperME bags that are flexible enough to change as your kids grow and their interests change.


Back to School with SuperME Cape Backpacks

The thing that makes this backpack stand out amongst the others is the story behind it and the what it can do for a childs imagination.

SuperME Superhero Cape Backpack

The back pack is absolutely adorable and even more so once the cape is out….. The back pack comes with a mask to complete the look and you can actually swap the inter-changeable patches which allows your kids to easily swap the badges for whichever superhero she or he feels like being…I liked the idea from their site which suggested that the badges can be used as reward when your kids accomplishes achievements such as learning to swim, riding a bike, baking a cake, doing their chores, or taking care of the family pet....Personally I love that idea!

Backpacks for Super Hero Super Kids

Adorable backpacks help kids pretend to be superheros. Sized just right for preschool-sized kids. Pretty darn imaginative, don't you think?